What to Expect During Covid-19


9:00 AND 10:45AM

We would encourage you to assemble with us, however, masks are not mandatory. If you feel you are at risk, but would still like to personally attend a service, wearing a mask is encouraged. If you are running a fever, caring for a loved one who is at risk, have been in close contact with someone who may have the virus, or if you feel you would be at risk assembling with others, we would encourage you to worship with us online until you feel comfortable being in a larger group of people who may, or may not, be wearing masks.

There will be masks and hand sanitizer available for those who do not bring their own and would want to better protect themselves. 

The early service (9:00 am) has more room available and would be better suited for those who’d prefer more social distancing, but again, masks are not mandatory. 

Thank you for your flexibility as our elders make prayerful decisions and plans that may change from week to week.